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by Abby Coutinho
November 2, 2022

University of Windsor: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more

Abby Coutinho (Courtesy of Abby Coutinho)

Abby Coutinho, 22: English language and literature

Why did you choose Windsor?

The thought of moving away for university seemed overwhelming, and the University of Windsor is close to home and the city’s downtown fun and scenic riverside views. The school’s English program has a reputation for being comprehensive and unique. The convenient location, paired with compelling academics, meant that Windsor was the university for me.

Describe some of your best experiences so far.

One standout experience I had was participating in editing and publishing practicums; I had the opportunity to work on a book of poetry by Canadian writer Bruce Meyer. I also enjoyed attending the Raising Roofs Gala, an annual event held by Students Offering Support. I volunteer with them. It’s an exciting end-of-the-year celebration and a great excuse to dress up for a fancy night out with friends!

Are you involved in extracurricular activities?

In addition to Students Offering Support, I have been a student representative on the English department council and a workshop facilitator for the Bystander Initiative, a program that encourages safe and effective strategies for combatting sexual violence. I’ve also been a writer for Her Campus, an online magazine aimed at collegiate women.

What do you think of your professors?

The English department has a relatively small faculty, and I’ve found it easy to form relationships with many of my professors. Most of them are genuinely enthusiastic about teaching and approachable both inside and outside the classroom.

What do you think of the school’s administration?

In recent years, the University of Windsor revamped the platform where students register for classes, apply for scholarships and manage their academics. The new site is considerably easier to navigate. I have rarely had any difficulty registering for classes, required or not.

What is off-campus life like in Windsor?

Windsor has a diverse array of events happening year-round. Bright Lights Windsor takes place in Jackson Park during the holiday season, when thousands of lights create a delightful and cozy atmosphere. The Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) normally takes place in November, though it was adapted to a summer drive-in model during the pandemic. The Willistead Manor in the Walkerville area hosts the annual Poetry at the Manor, where poet laureates gather from around the country to recite their work. If grabbing a drink is more your style, downtown Windsor has a lively bar scene with a variety of pubs and clubs.

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If I wrote the school motto: ‘The Rose City university: where students go to grow’

Best place to live: The Walkerville area is beautiful and safe and offers a lot of cultural engagement

Best place to study: By the green wall in the Medical Education Building

Best campus events: Celebration of Nations

Best campus food: Whamburg

Best cheap lunch: Giglio’s Market—their hearty subs will fill you up for only $12!

Best pizza: Sam’s Pizzeria and Cantina

Best place for a fancy dinner: The Cook’s Shop

Best giveaway: Every Wednesday, students can participate in #Windsor Wednesdays by showing their Lancer pride for a chance to win prizes

Best bar for hanging out: The Loose Goose

Best live music venue: Phog Lounge is the place for live music

Best place for a nap: Third floor of Leddy Library

Best weekend activity: Grab some sushi at On a Roll and head to the riverside for a scenic walk

The thing that surprised me most about the school: The vast selection of extracurricular activities

If I could change one thing about the school: A more diverse and affordable selection of on-campus food for people with dietary restrictions