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by Sena Honke
November 4, 2022

Lakehead University: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more

Sena Honke (Courtesy of Sena Honke)

Sena Honke, 23: English

Why did you choose Lakehead?

I chose to attend Lakehead University because it’s located in the same city where I grew up and where my family still lives. I was able to live out my university experience while also maintaining close ties to my family, so I’m incredibly grateful. I also had several close friends who were attending Lakehead, and it was so nice to spend the first few years learning the ropes and figuring out how to be a university student with people I love and trust.

Describe some of your best experiences so far.

One of my favourite experiences was spending a semester on creative writing under the tutelage of a published Canadian author. In another one of my fondest memories, one of my instructors structured a class like a courtroom and we analyzed a 16th-century text. Students played the parts of judge, jury and convict. It was a great way to learn while also having fun

Are you involved in extracurricular activities?

I highly recommend getting involved with clubs and extracurricular activities early in your university career. I wish I had made more time for it, and I don’t want others to miss out. This year, I’m lucky enough to be the editor-in-chief of the English Students’ Association, and I’m excited to be a part of creating this year’s edition of Lakehead’s literary magazine, the Artery.

What do you think of your professors?

I have the most experience with the professors in the English department, and they are all absolutely wonderful. The English department is truly like its own little family. The professors are super approachable and helpful. They’re also a ton of fun to talk to, even if you want to just pop into their offices for a chat!

What do you think of the school’s administration?

While it may seem intimidating to plan and register for classes, prospective students should know that it’s actually super easy! It’s also really easy to get into the classes you want or need. If for some reason you didn’t get in initially, you simply have to email the professor or the chair of the department. More often than not, they can help to rectify the situation.

What is off-campus life like in Thunder Bay?

Off-campus life in Thunder Bay is very relaxed. Since we live in an area surrounded by nature, there are a variety of outdoor activities to participate in year-round. We also have a growing downtown area with a growing number of local retailers and restaurants.

Lakehead University

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If I wrote the school motto: ‘Nature and nurture’

Best place to live: Off-campus in Fort William

Best place to study: The library

Best campus events: The annual job fair

Weirdest tradition: Always having to high-five Wolfie (mascot of Lakehead’s varsity Thunderwolves) when you spot him on campus

Best campus food: Boba tea from Milktease

Best cheap lunch: Local grill house

Best pizza: Pizza from the Foundry Pub

Best place for a fancy dinner: Lot 88 Steakhouse

Best giveaway: You can win free first-year tuition if you meet the requirements

Best bar for hanging out: Shooter’s Tavern or On Deck Bar & Grill

Best live music venue: Black Pirates Pub

Best hangover breakfast: Tina’s Breakfast and Lunch

Best place for a nap: The couches behind the Agora

Best weekend activity: Walking around downtown Port Arthur and discovering new shops and restaurants

The thing that surprised me most about the school: How kind and welcoming everyone is

If I could change one thing about the school: I’d love to connect the tunnels with the Advanced Technology and Academic Centre