by University of Lethbridge
October 14, 2022

These students are reaping the high value of a ULethbridge education

The financial value of a university degree is top of mind for many current and prospective students. At ULethbridge, students are getting a high return on their investment

As rising inflation compels us to be more financially savvy, the University of Lethbridge in Alberta is an appealing choice for university-bound students.

ULethbridge offers affordability, with the lowest tuition fees among post-secondary schools in Western Canada. Living costs are also relatively low in a friendly, walkable city known for its nature preserves, rich arts scene and abundant sunny weather.

At the same time, the University is distinguished for its considerable research output, high-quality undergraduate education offerings, extensive experiential learning opportunitiesworld-renowned faculty and extraordinary facilities.

“With 94.5 per cent of our graduates finding employment in their field, it shows we are doing what students and the community need to ensure their success,” says Trushar Patel, associate dean, Arts & Science.

Among ULethbridge’s current students—it welcomes about 9,000 each year—are Walker English and Chantal Barry, final-year undergraduates who are both realizing the rewards of their ULethbridge investment.

Walker English, Pii-taa Kyaa-tsis

Bachelor of Science student | Major: Kinesiology

As Walker English, Pii-taa Kyaa-tsis, completes his kinesiology degree at the University of Lethbridge, he says he’s confident he’ll be able to put his education to good use.

A major reason, he says, is the two practical, hands-on learning experiences he participated in through the Career Bridge: Centre for Work-Integrated Learning and Career Development. As a Lethbridge Sport Council intern, he helped teach lacrosse to Indigenous youth. And as a summer camp counsellor in the Destination Exploration program, he engaged children in STEM activities.

“Both opportunities were really cool because they allowed me to apply what I had learned in the classroom, and they were also a lot of fun,” says English, a Blackfoot Indigenous community member.

On campus, what has enriched English’s understanding of his discipline has been his engaging professors—“their passion for their subjects definitely makes the learning enjoyable”—and developing his expertise in the Science Commons, Canada’s most advanced facility for interdisciplinary science education and research.

To maximize his ULethbridge experience, English has expanded his academic pursuits by taking liberal arts courses in philosophy, art and the Blackfoot language. He also makes good use of the university’s many recreational and fitness options, especially the indoor running track, Olympic-sized pool and Yoga Club.

Aiming for a career as a mental performance consultant to professional athletes—an interest sparked by a presentation by a ULethbridge guest speaker—English is satisfied with how ULethbridge has prepared him to pursue his dream.

“I’ve picked up many skills and abilities during my time here, and made connections that will help me in the future,” English says. “ULethbridge has opened many doors to good opportunities.”

Chantal Barry

Bachelor of Management student | Major: Accounting

A junior accountant job at the leading global accounting firm BDO, awaits Chantal Barry—in September 2023, a full 12 months before she even completes her degree at uLethbridge.

The offer to join the firm’s Lethbridge office was made to her at a Dhillon School of Business networking event, and just like that, her future in the field is already in motion.

Certainly, Barry has manifested this finish-line reward because of her aptitude for financial analysis and dedication as a student, but she says the university has supported her success every step of the way.

She is grateful to the “extremely knowledgeable” professors who “put their heart and soul into lectures” and inspire her to excel. Also, she says, ULethbridge is “big enough to explore different interests” and small enough to offer a strong sense of community. The institution was also a natural choice for the native of Lethbridge, a “quaint” city she adores for its cultural festivals and urban parks.

While Barry began her education as a “super quiet person,” volunteering for the Dhillon Business Students’ Association has helped her break out of her shell. First, as director and then VP of corporate relations, she organized opportunities for students to connect with local employers. “It helped me develop my leadership and communication skills and make new friends.”

With ULethbridge providing her with everything she needs to flourish, Barry is confident about her future as a certified professional accountant.

“I have been able to grow in both my professional skills and my personal life,” Barry says. “This has been a good investment in myself, my career and my future.”