University of Windsor

Founded 1857 | Windsor, ON

The University of Windsor takes advantage of its location at Canada’s busiest border crossing. The university hosts the Cross-Border Institute, which is dedicated to research and public outreach about the movement of people, goods, services and funds across the border. The campus is situated along the river and features a view of the Detroit skyline. In recent years, the school has undergone a transformation, including the opening of the downtown campus.

The former Windsor Star newspaper building now houses the School of Social Work and School of Continuing Education, while the former Windsor Armouries building now houses the School of Creative Arts. The Essex Centre of Research is a state-of-the-art facility for innovation and industry collaboration, and the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods develops research techniques to replace animal testing. The university also hosts the SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, which develops security solutions for the auto sector. A new sports and recreation centre opened last year, complete with a triple gymnasium and eight-lane pool.

“Whether it’s addressing challenges related to the Great Lakes or to our national borders, helping ensure safe, vibrant and healthy communities, or promoting the environment and sustainable manufacturing, the University of Windsor is making a difference,” says president Robert Gordon. “We strive to make our graduates workforce-ready with an immediate capacity to contribute to the growth and livability of their communities.”

Standout Programs

• Visual Arts and the Built Environment: In this creative joint program, students receive a visual arts degree from Windsor and a B.Sc. in architecture from University of Detroit Mercy; includes co-op.

• Human Factors and Ergonomics: This certificate program, designed for human kinetics students, provides specialized knowledge in cognitive, physical and macro ergonomics applicable to a variety of careers; includes internship.

• Aeronautics Leadership: Students pursue liberal arts and professional programs while taking commercial flight training at the Windsor International Airport.

Tuition (includes compulsory ancillary fees)

$7,015 ($7,305 out-of-province students)

Minimum Entering Grades

Arts: 70-80% | Science: 70-80% | Commerce: 73-78% | Engineering: 74%

Student Body

Undergraduates: Full-time: 10,591 | Part-time: 1,707

Graduates: Full-time: 4,925 | Part-time: 11

International Students: First-year: 7.9% | Graduate: 67.8%

Male-Female Ratio: 43 to 57

Housing Facts

Residence Spaces: 704 (392 reserved for first-year students)

Residence Costs: Double room with meals: $12,079 to $13,748

Single room with meals: $13,100 to $14,257

Cool Courses:

• History of Crime: Examines how crime and criminal justice are shaped by society.

• Indigenous Philosophy of the Americas: Explores the stories, culture and traditions of Indigenous peoples in North, Central and South America.

Student Life on Campus

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