University of Waterloo

Founded 1957 | Waterloo, ON

The University of Waterloo might be known for its science and engineering programs, but it offers more than 100 undergraduate programs across six faculties, including arts, engineering, environment, health, math and science. The school’s 1,000-acre main campus, with a recently expanded student centre and athletics complex, is enclosed by a ring road, while the southwest campus is home to Laurel Creek and Laurel Lake. Two campuses in nearby Cambridge and Kitchener are dedicated to architecture and pharmacy programs, respectively. A campus in Stratford, dedicated to digital media and interaction design, features an ultra-modern building near the downtown.

The University of Waterloo is a research magnet. The Engineering 7 building is home to biomedical and mechatronics engineering programs, as well as one of the largest robotics and automation research groups in the country. Research leads to entrepreneurship: Velocity is one of the world’s most productive start-up incubators. The new Science Innovation Hub links science and business, providing research facilities, including a prototyping lab.

Waterloo has been promoting sustainability for decades through one of Canada’s first faculties specifically dedicated to the environment. The school is also home to North America’s largest co-op program, with roughly 26,000 co-op students working at more than 7,500 employers in 60 countries every year. “The University of Waterloo’s unique mix of academic excellence, career-building opportunities through our world-leading co-op program, and culture of bold innovation and entrepreneurship equip our students with the experience, skills and knowledge they need to make a global impact,” says president Vivek Goel.

Campus Buzz

The campus wellness team supports students, providing health care, mental health services and nutritional support.

Standout Programs

• Nanotechnology Engineering: Students learn how to create integrated circuits with a range of applications and have access to a dedicated clean room with cutting-edge equipment.

• Honours Arts: In this flexible program, students can explore a variety of courses in first year and choose from among 30 arts majors in second year; co-op is available to provide valuable work experience.

• Sustainability and Financial Management: This program blends accounting and financial management knowledge with expertise in sustainability; includes 16 months of co-op.

Tuition (includes compulsory ancillary fees)

$7,289 (7,595 out-of-province students)

Minimum Entering Grades

Arts: 85% | Science: 85% | Commerce: 85-91% | Engineering: 85%

Student Body

Undergraduates: Full-time: 34,530 | Part-time: 1,263

Graduates: Full-time: 4,802 | Part-time: 1,421

International Students: First-year: 16.7% | Graduate: 42.8%

Housing Facts

Residence Spaces: 6,757 (5,638 reserved for first-year students)

Residence Costs: Double room: $6,373 | Single room: $7,104 | Double room with meals: $12,223 to $13,023 | Single room with meals: $12,954 to $13,754 | Apartment-style: $6,693 to $7,662

Cool Courses

• How Pandemics Change the World: From antiquity to the present day, explore the causes and social impacts of pandemics.

• Introduction to Nanomaterials Health Risks: Examine the risks and benefits of these new materials.

Student Life on Campus

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