Université de Saint-Boniface

Founded 1975 | Winnipeg, MB

At the heart of Winnipeg’s charming French quarter lies the Université de Saint-Boniface, Manitoba’s only French-language post-secondary institution. Decades before Manitoba even became a province, Collège de Saint-Boniface, as it was then known, was serving the educational needs of the largest francophone community in Western Canada. Francophone heritage still thrives in the boutiques and bistros of the Saint-Boniface neighbourhood.

Through its two technical and professional schools—the École technique et professionnelle and the École des sciences infirmières et des études de la santé—students can choose from a range of one- and two-year programs in business administration, information technology, multimedia communications, early childhood education and tourism, as well as a one-, two- or four-year program in health care. Both schools provide applied learning programs that directly address the needs of Manitoba’s bilingual job market.


• Degree $6,345-$6,990

• Diploma $5,075-$7,520

• Certificate $3,707

Popular Programs

• Business Administration Diploma

• Bachelor of Nursing Science

• Early Childhood Education Diploma

• Nursing Diploma

School Size


Residence Offerings


Cool Options

• Bachelor of Nursing Science: This four-year program combines theory, practice, and nine rounds of practicum experience to prepare students to become bilingual nurses with strong clinical judgment and interpersonal skills.

• Early Childhood Education: This course prepares educators to work with francophone children speaking a minority language and includes Indigenous and Métis perspectives.

• Multimedia Communications: In this two-year program, students combine theory and practice, and work on projects with real clients.