Langara College

Founded 1994 | Vancouver, BC

Located in Vancouver, Langara College offers degree, diploma, certificate and continuing education programs in more than 60 areas. Students can engage in applied research projects with local industries to gather skills and build their networks. Paid co-op work terms are available in program areas including computer science, business management and accounting. The school’s 129,000-square-foot Science and Technology building has 38 solar panels, featuring LEED Gold-targeting standards. 

In 2016, Langara College, which resides on the traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation, was given an Indigenous name that means “house of teachings.” Indigenous students of the college have access to orientation, counselling, advocacy services and a dedicated gathering space. Langara’s Indigenous upgrading program lets students transition into post-secondary while incorporating traditional Musqueam teaching and learning methods. In 2021, Langara launched a strategic plan called Weaving a Shared Future. Among its priorities are innovative and high-quality programming, Indigenization, community engagement and sustainability.

In April of 2023, Langara received more than $2.6 million in federal funding for the applied research project Innovating Virtual Reality in Inclusive and Anti-biased Early Learning and Child Care Training. A five-year, $3.3-million grant will allow Langara to build upon the foundation of applied research created by faculty researchers. The research project will span a wide spectrum of investigation, with applications for plant genomics, plant metabolomics, cellular response to cannabinoids, optimization of processing, and use of nanoparticles for delivery of bio-active compounds.

Popular Programs

• ​​General Arts

• Health Sciences

• Computer Science

• Business Management

• Kinesiology

School Size



• Degree $4,114-$5,049

• Diploma $4,114-$4,847

• Certificate $4,835-$5,121

• Post-Grad $4,340-$13,978

Residence Offerings


Cool Options

• Data Analytics: This post-degree program takes a holistic approach to examining and using data.

• Full Stack Web Development: Students train to be developers on front-end, back-end and storage elements of web systems.

• Bioinformatics: Students focus on applying computer science and information technology to solving biological challenges.