Centre collégial de l'Alberta

Founded 2014 | Edmonton, AB

The Centre Collégial de l’Alberta is run by the French-language faculty at Campus Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta. The school opened in 2014 to meet a demand for college-level courses from Alberta’s growing francophone population. The province has the fourth-largest French-speaking population in Canada; more than 200,000 primary and secondary school students are enrolled in French-language programs.

The college offers programs in three areas: a two-year diploma in business administration, a one-year certificate and a two-year diploma in early childhood education (ECE) and an eight-month health care aide (HCA) certificate. Business administration and ECE are offered through distance learning. The HCA program has a lab component, and both the ECE and HCA programs include practicums. The school prides itself on a supportive atmosphere.

Located in Edmonton’s French Quarter, the campus is a cultural hub for Alberta’s francophones and includes Le Carrefour, a French-language bookshop and boutique. Eligible students can apply to stay at Résidence Saint-Jean, where residents commit to living in an entirely French-speaking environment for a total immersion experience. Anyone can join a range of francophone student clubs and sports teams. A free shuttle links Campus Saint-Jean to the University of Alberta’s North Campus.

Popular Programs

• Early Childhood Education

• EHealth Care Attendant

• ETechniques in Business Administration

School Size



• Diploma $6,687

• Certificate $6,687

Residence Offerings


Cool Options

• Health Care Attendant: Based on the Alberta government curriculum, this program prepares students to become front-line workers on health care teams equipped to work in French and English.

• Early Childhood Education Certificate and Diploma: After completing one year to obtain a certificate in ECE, students can complete an additional year to obtain a diploma. Specifically adapted for the Francophone minority context, this program teaches students how to introduce children to language and help them understand their environment. Internships are completed in francophone daycare centres in the province.